• Ali Bigdeli

Covid-19 Charity/Voluntary Sector Research Funding

Six proposals were submitted for the recent EPSRC Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services Network Plus Covid-19 Charity/voluntary sector call for small research projects (up to £5,000).

The following four projects have been granted funding:

  • Dona Giorgia, University of East London, ‘DEAS Principles in the Charity Sector - A Case Study of the Refugee Council’s Digital Social Care Provision for Children in Vulnerable Contexts’

  • Peter Bradley, University of the West of England, ‘Helping ensure survival: Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services in Community Business’

  • Judith Zolkiewski, University Manchester, ‘Using a bricolage strategy to enhance the human touch in digitally enhanced provision for refugee service users: a response to COVID-19’

  • Zsofia Toth, University of Nottingham, ‘Improve accessibility and flexibility of counselling through digitally enhanced counselling service delivery models during and beyond COVID-19’

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