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About the NetworkPlus

This £1.4m EPSRC-funded NetworkPlus is bringing together a vibrant community that will position the UK as the internationally leading research hub for Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services. Rather than focus on the product or service that is delivered Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services (DEAS) focus on how the product or service is used. This is a major change in how firms earn money and is being enabled by transformative digital technologies that allows for example, payment per use or availability or outcome. The impact of these changes is in firm productivity. The traditional focus of productivity (outputs/inputs) is on internal efficiency. However, digital technologies can also transform the value of the output (payment for use, availability or outcome). Our vision is that the UK should be the internationally leading research and practice hub for the innovation of Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services (DEAS). To support this ambition the EPSRC award will be used to create a network of businesses and researchers to enable a coordinated programme of research to be designed and piloted. Over £600k of this funding will be cascaded to researchers across the communities of business, computer science and human factors, to stimulate their engagement in these pilots.
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