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Vision & Objectives

Our vision is that the UK should be the internationally leading research hub for the innovation of Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services (DEAS) and that this capability will significantly amplify the productivity, growth and resilience of industry in the UK. The aim of this Network Plus is to:


‘Create a cohesive community of researchers and practitioners, working collectively across disciplines (e.g. computer science, engineering and business) and industry sectors, to accelerate the innovation of DEAS and improve UK productivity’.


Our objectives are to:

  • Create an engaged, integrated, trans-disciplinary (Computer Science, Engineering and Business) and balanced (e.g. ECR/Established) community of researchers with a shared interest in Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services (DEAS).

  • Engage a broad cross-section of industrial collaborators who are actively engaged in exploratory research, openly sharing data and facilities, and partnering on projects with the research community.

  • Lead the co-creation of a portfolio of exploratory projects to both stimulate, engage and accelerate these communities and inform a strategic research agenda to position the UK as the international leader in this field.

  • Create a taxonomy and formal repository of successful DEAS use-cases to provide the foundation of platforms for scaling research and practice.

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