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Experience Servitization Live!

DEAS and the Advanced Services Group are proud to be hosting a brand new Servitization event for business, the World Servitization Convention brings together the global community of leading servitization researchers and business executives to advance their servitization strategies, experience demonstrations of the technologies enabling advanced services and transform the future of manufacturing.

This virtual event, which runs alongside the Spring Servitization Conference for academics, features a number of keynotes from business leaders such as Marc Preedy, Managing Director, Truck Replacement Sales, Europe at Goodyear; Chris Dodd, Managing Director, Assisted Living and Healthcare at Legrand UK and Ireland and Mike Hulme, Trains and Modernisation at Alstom.

It also features a virtual exhibition of businesses sharing (not selling!) what they do in this space, bringing Servitization to life. Our exhibitors will demonstrate and showcase Heat-as-a-service, Health-as-a-service, Mobility-as-a-service and many more. The exhibition will run over the second and third day of the convention, allowing delegates to experience servitization live.

To find out more information click and register here.

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