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Manufacturing Theme Research Funding

DEAS+ Research funding valued at £210k has been granted and four projects are well underway following our Project Commissioning workshop held on 2 April 2019,

Project proposals awarded DEAS+ funding following our Manufacturing Project Commissioning Workshop in April are now underway. These are:

Two implementation projects

  1. Development of a digital twin proof of concept for DEAS Value delivery system. The PI is Dr Victor Guang Shi from AMRC, University of Sheffield supported by CIs Dr Ruby Hughes, AMRC, University of Sheffield; Dr Miying Yang, University of Exeter; Drs Andreas Schroeder (ASG/OIM), Omidvar Tehrani (Marketing and Strategy) and Ahmad Beltagui (ASG/OIM), Aston Business School.

  2. A digital twin Platform of the customer Journey for future BAXI advanced Services. PI is Dr Sara Mountney from Sheffield Hallam supported by CIs Prof Vicky Story, Dr Tracy Ross, Dr Andrew May and Dr Melanie King, Loughbough University; Prof Shengfeng Qin, Northumbria University; Prof Jamie Burton, Manchester Business School and Dr Kawaljeet Kapoor (ASG/OIM), Aston Business School.

Two exploratory scanning projects:

  1. Digitally enhanced advanced services for domestic appliances – DEAL. PI is Dr Maria Holgado from University of Sussex supported by CIs Dr Peter Ball, York; Prof Ashutosh Tiwari, University of Sheffield.

  2. The enhancement of customers understanding and education in the value of DEAS through serious games/gamification. PI is Dr Soheeb Khan supported by Prof David Harrison both from Glasgow Caledonian University.

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