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Sheffield Hallam University

A Digital Twin Platform of The Customer Journey for Future  Advanced Services

Project aims

 1) To take a customer-focused perspective to develop an in-depth understanding of a smart thermal comfort solution for two key market segments (householders and social housing landlords).

2) To use this understanding to design and build a prototype of a digital platform that maps the expected customer journey for these new services. This project explored how digitalized approaches could specifically benefit the understanding and incorporation of the user experience in the development of new advanced services.



Mountney, S., T. Ross, A. May, S. Qin, X. Niu, M. King, K. Kapoor, V. Story and J. Burton. 2020. Digitally supporting the co-creation of future advanced services for Heat as a Service. In Proceedings of the Spring Servitization Conference (SSC 2020), Birmingham, UK.


A Digital Twin Platform of the Customer Journey for future Advanced Services: recorded introductory presentation for the DEAS stand, Spring Servitization Conference (SSC 2020) X. Niu, Feasibility investigation of crowdsourcing-based product design and development for manufacturing (PhD these at Northumbria University), The project contributed to the thesis as a case study, 2021.


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